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Introducing KRATOS  - A Mesmerizing Perfume Blend Dupe of two famous perfumes.

Unveil the art of seduction with Kratos, a captivating perfume blend of Amber, Vanilla, Musk with notes of coffee, orange blossom, and pear. This exceptional fragrance fusion combines the best of both worlds, resulting in an intoxicating scent that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Scent Profile:
It opens with a bold and thrilling burst of dark coffee and fruitiness, immediately drawing you in with its addictive richness. As the scent journey continues, the captivating ambroxan and musky notes emerges, adding a touch of mystery and sensuality. The delicate interplay of these contrasting elements creates a magnetic allure that is both comforting and daring.

Seductive Sensuality:
Indulge in the alluring dance of contrasting accords as Kratos embraces your skin with an intoxicating aura. The fusion of the warm and gourmand notes with the clean and musky undertones creates a scent that is both seductive and sophisticated, leaving a trail of sensuality wherever you go.

Uniquely Yours:
Kratos is not just another perfume blend; it is a representation of your individuality and confidence. Embrace the power of a fragrance that complements your personality, making you stand out in a crowd and leaving a lasting impression on everyone you meet.

Long-Lasting and Unforgettable:
Crafted with the highest quality essences, this scent boasts a remarkable longevity that ensures you remain captivating throughout the day and night. The carefully balanced blend of notes creates a fragrance that evolves gracefully on your skin, leaving you spellbound and unforgettable.

A Bold Gift:
Whether you desire to treat yourself to this intoxicating blend or surprise a loved one with a truly unique gift, Kratos is the perfect choice. Packaged in an elegant bottle, it exudes sophistication and makes a statement on any vanity.

Evoke the spirit of seduction and enchantment with Kratos, the extraordinary Eternal Scents' first private perfume blend  Let this mesmerizing scent become your signature, leaving a lasting impression wherever your adventures take you. Experience the magic of this exquisite fusion and embrace your own enchanting allure.



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  • Iconic Scents, Fair Price

  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free

  • Fragrances Imported From France

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How close are your scents to the original versions?

Since our scent collections are only versions of the original, there is a slight difference when it comes to the dominant notes sometimes.

But nonetheless, it should be 80-90% similar from the original one.

Are your perfumes oil-based and if so, what is the percentage?

Yes, our perfumes are all oil-based with 28% oil concentration.

What bottle sizes do you have?

Right now, we only sell 60ml bottles.

How should I store my perfumes?

The shelf life of Eternal Perfumes are 18-24 months if stored properly in a cool, dry and dark place.

Never place your perfumes anywhere where under direct or indirect sunlight.

Do you have COD?

No, our current payment options are via Gcash or Bank Transfer.